GIGOTTI has consolidated a qualified, reliable and continuously improving organizational and production structure.

The know-how and Best Practices acquired are transmitted from generation to generation by means of a flat organization that allows greater speed in decision-making and communication processes.

Our Strategy

To meet the challenge of the corporate vision, medium and long-term strategies were developed, involving all staff and outlining an annual implementation plan based on VALUE. The annual improvement implementation plan is constantly followed by a group of collaborators from the main departments and sectors, who monitor the planned improvement activities and their effect.

Our Goals

The strategies, based on the vision, are being implemented by all roles in their respective fields with clear objectives, through action plans. Progress is constantly monitored. The continuous improvement process is supported by a very transparent information policy that requires the assumption of responsibility and preserves space for opportunities for self-realization.

Add value
to your projects

Backed by half a century’s experience and a deep-rooted culture of quality and innovation, GIGOTTI is a first-rate technological partner and boasts a consolidated long-standing relationship with several prestigious industries, machinery and plant manufacturers of international fame.

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