Production capacity

The computerization of processes to innovate production capacity
All the production data concerning the single phases and the material used are reported in electronic format by means of a barcode coding system, which allows for absolute process traceability in real-time. The management system is equipped with a network with numerous ADVANCED TERMINALS for data collection in production and is equipped with a finite capacity scheduler (appropriately parameterized by GIGOTTI) that allows you to plan and monitor the progress of production to guarantee the customer the expected deliveries (insert photo scheduler and resource loading, data recording stations in production) The materials on which the company is able to work are:
  • Special construction steels (case-hardening, nitriding, tempering, quenching, spring steels, bearing steels,)
  • Tool steels (hot and cold uses)
  • High speed steels
  • Chrome bars
  • Stainless steels (martensitic, austenitic, heat resistant)
  • Cast iron (gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, mechanical cast iron)
  • Aluminum, bronze, brass and alloys
  • Industrial plastics, polymers and thermoplastics.

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Backed by half a century’s experience and a deep-rooted culture of quality and innovation, GIGOTTI is a first-rate technological partner and boasts a consolidated long-standing relationship with several prestigious industries, machinery and plant manufacturers of international fame.

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